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We believe in wellness for everyone, everywhere and we've been working for years to connect, uplift and support practitioners and the people and brands that are seeking them. We believe that the world needs healing and community now more than ever and we're showing up to do our part with digital classes, sessions and talks accessible for all.

Wellness Official was founded by Millana Snow. As a wellness entrepreneur and  practitioner who's spent almost a decade living her mission.

Who's behind WO?

Founder: Millana Snow

Millana Snow is an energy healer, connector and wellness industry veteran. With over 25 years of healing practice and study, Millana combines modern day tools and resources to guide seekers in self-healing and answering the questions they already have inside. 

On top of publicly speaking, healing and training healers and practitioners and wellness newbies alike, Millana has been producing wellness programming with brands, hotels, global communities and non-profits for nearly 10 years reaching hundreds of thousands of people behind the scenes.

Currently Millana is...


Expanding my mission: Bring wellness to everyone, everywhere.

Location: Quarantined in LA

My wellness routine includes: Ashwagandha from Kola and my daily breathwork practice. 

Photo by Chelsea Gordon Photography

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