3 Tips for Launching a Digital Business with Heart!

Never has there been a more important time to launch the ideas, dreams and visions that have been on your heart and mind. Launching a digital business is one of those things that couldn't be more relevant than in the era of COVID-19.

Sure, everyone is launching their online business, new products and livestream sessions. But you know what makes your digital business unique? YOU!! Below, I've shared three tips for launching a digital business that is oozing your heart and mission in a way that no copy cat or ...cool cat can take away or recreate!

#1 Start with YOUR why.

We have all heard the old adage a million times, but there is a reason for that - it really is at the core of what we do whether we are aware of it or not. Your "why" is your reason for doing, being and creating this product and the life that it creates for you and those that it touches. You want to be aware of your "why" and build a business that supports, protects and fuels this deep knowing inside of you. It's likely that your why will evolve over time and that's ok. No matter if your calling and reason change, you want to be clear with yourself on what motivates and inspires you to keep going, dig deeper and share yourself with the world.

I find that our why is more simple than we'd often like to think. Your why is often found in what you are already excited about, passionate and interested in. But if we didn't start with a clear and conscious choice about why we are creating a business, new product or adventure, one's "why" can come from a place of competition, a response to the pain of rejection, or a need to prove one's self... trust me I know! This, I must warn you does not work... it lasts for as long as your body can keep up with being dragged by your pain, frustration and need for redemption- 1-3 years max and then you will really see the toll on your spirit and personal life.

True redemption will never come in the form of a digital business or anything outside of yourself for that matter. Your why my friend, must come from a deep love for something or someone. This deep love may not always look like success to those looking in from the outside, but you will always be the winner when you do what you love. This is what fuels those hard days, months or even years of working on a business that will be tried and tested over and over again!

#2 Scale what's already working IRL

After years and years of producing rooftop yoga events, meditations and wellness programming of all kinds to becoming a energy healer and teacher myself to brands and people all over the world; I've gotten really clear on what Im strongest at and what best speaks to my passions and audience. No matter how you have built a product in real life of not, there are hints everywhere about what is working for you. I find it's often at the intersection of what people love about you, what you enjoy and what you're already known for (even if its just with your close friends).

For me, the hints that I had about what was "working" was how well I felt I was able to show up for my friends in need, I would spend hours talking things out, empowering them to believe in what was possible and healing them with practices that I knew. When I was finally ready to "come out of the spiritual closet", I realized that coaching and healing was already so natural and so fun for me and my loved ones. I eventually wrote myself the permission slip to start offering my services and years later, not only did I do this work with clients in person, I was able to find ways to do the same things online and remotely. The same was true with producing and creating wellness events, programming and community- this is site is one expression of those years of work IRL.

No matter what that "thing" is for you, I assure you that you can find ways to translate it to a digital business. It just takes some guts to try things until you find what works. Start small, write down three things that you enjoy doing, that are also well received by ANYONE and brainstorm on how those three things could translate to online audiences. Not only will you enjoy doing this digital business a whole lot more, you already have a group of people IRL who you can test and get feedback from. Don't wait, don't you want to make money doing things that you love and that people appreciate?

#3 Build a self reliant business

I had to learn this lesson the HARD way, so please please take my advice on this one. As with anything, self reliance is a wonderful quality, but when creating a digital business from scratch this last point is key! It's so important to know your business from the inside out and you only truly know your business if you yourself built it. Don't be tempted by what might look cool - having other people do it for you.

You are smart enough, capable enough and you can make the time to create the digital business of your dreams. Because no one is going to care for and nature your baby like you will. What you don't know you can learn, and what could save time and energy you can hire out when you actually make or raise money to do that. But even raising money early on, in my humble opinion and experience is a bad idea. If you want to build something that will actually last and blossom with you sanely at the helm, then you must know every aspect of it yourself... there is no better way, than to build it as far as you possibly can.

What do you need to do that you might ask? Decide on your why, three offerings that you can try out, or can weave together to sell and start building out the communication and expression for those first two steps. I've listed below a few thoughts on how you can start...

1. What is your brands mission and statement? (should align with the first two points).

2. What colors and words help represent the mission? -these can start off as your brand color palette and inspiration.

3. Write descriptions for your offerings... these may change as you get feedback and questions, so don't feel like this has to be perfect or permanent.

4. Decide on a good starting price for these offerings that feels like a good deal but also feels like an exciting price point for you to make for an hour of your time. You can use this rate to figure your rates moving forward based on your time and energy. Start with a number that you feel confident with and can eventually grow out of. I encourage you, to push your boundaries about how you value your time, while still being mindful about how you can be inclusive and reach more people. Perhaps you have a few offerings that can accommodate a few price points and create more opportunities for expression of what you love to do!

5. Put it all up on a website that you built, that could be Wordrpress, Wix, Squarespace or Shopify. JUST BUILD IT! It doesn't have to be perfect, in fact it would never be... it is only a starting off point for learning and more refining as you sell and engage to your audience. You want feedback, so make that your goal as you offer opportunities to make it easy to work with you to build a solid base of clients. As you prove concept and hone in on what's working you'll be able to hire others to help you build updates and/or new versions.

6. Lastly, it's totally cool to bring in collaborators, partners and a team. I just recommend that you do as much as you possibly can before you do. Remember that you are what makes your digital business unique, so make sure that by the time others get involved its got you written allllll over it!

I hope this short guide of tips was helpful and at the very least, inspiring. If you would like to hear more about my journey of building multiple digital businesses (some of which have been amazing with others that have failed miserably), you can tune in for a live conversation with Rama Institute founder Guru Jagat and I Friday April 25th at 11am PST.

This article was written by Millana Snow, energy healer and founder of Wellness Official. Follow Millana on Instagram.


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