July Energy Reading (Extended Version)

July Energy Reading:

It is July, the seventh month of 2020. We are now turning downward towards the new year. July 1 is an opening to move ahead and build what can be or to stay behind and destroy what’s left.

In what has been an already transformative and chaotic year, July ushers in a new paradigm of choice embedded in inevitable transformation; one where we can move up the spiral- that is the energetic spiral... to transform or down the (energetic) spiral to transform. Either choice you will transform, but the question now is how do you want to do that?

To move up the spiral, is to attune your thoughts, intentions and actions toward inspired action and building, creating, cultivating peace and forming bonds of love… or will you transform on the downward spiral… breaking down, destroying, using shame and guilt for change. Both have their utility. Both make things happen, shift and fall away.

July is all about deciding where you want to be and who you want to be with. It’s not about picking sides, but about deciding who and what will be ready to go to this next level with you. There is a new opening- will you take it or will you stay back in what you know or have seen others do to bond in hustle, strife and suffering? Make no mistake, this is where bonding runs deep and calls for great loyalty. This could be your family, your partner, your colleagues, your country and many more will choose this way.

If you choose to take the opportunity to move through this new phase of the year (the second half), to build the new world that you wish to see and be… know that NO ONE is coming to save you. YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for. You want the carrot, you’ll have to make the space, plant the seeds, take the time to tend and then you get to eat and share it as you wish. But in the new world, no one is coming to build it for you. This is why so few go. You have everything you need in the world of the upward spiral but it's up to you to do the work of becoming more of who you really are to keep yourself there. What do you choose?

Journal prompts for this month:

What is something that you feel the downward spiral pull from? Write this down and feel into the upward energetic healing approach and the downward destroy to transform approach.

Are you going to “teach someone a lesson”? Or are you going to show them how it’s done, by living the example?

What, who, and where do you feel you are ready to resonate and surround yourself with more?

What, who, and where do you need to establish boundaries?

Where can you hold yourself accountable? Where can you come higher? What can you own, move through, atone for and transform?

Where are you waiting for your “come up”? Or for someone to come save you?

July Energy Healing Remote Session: Sunday July 5th at 12pm PST

10% of the funds for The Integration this month will go towards the ACLU.

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