June Energy Reading

This is a time where we must step into and take back our power. But we are also given the free will on how we will go about doing that. Old tactics of disillusionment and veiled identity will not do anymore. Although the road is peppered with challenges, we must seek out and work towards what we know is possible and true.

The spotlight is shining on what has always been, but what we can no longer stand to see. The veil has been lifted again and we cannot turn away from what is now clear and blaring… it is too bright and too loud for us to ignore. Know that what we see in the world, on the news, and in our own communities is a reflection of what we hold within ourselves.

Whether you know it or not, we all are leaders. You are the one you have been looking and waiting for. This is the time to go within and let what you’ve cultivated inwardly to be seen and known outwardly. This is what taking your power back actually means. There is no hiding, it’s time to do the work that only you can do. Each and every one reading this is being asked to go within and then take action. Because our enemies have been internalized by us all. We cannot face and discharge the powers that be, if we do not first see how those same powers/thoughts/feelings/beliefs and energies have taken space inside of us and in turn, have been articulated through us.

THIS is why the masters say, heal thyself and know thyself. These energies of fear, lack, hatred, bitterness and so on need living bodies to do their bidding through. So we all must do what only we can do individually to internally extinguish that which has spread out to the masses. From the space that is cleared within, love and true power will flow over and out.

There is much to change in these times, but nothing would be of greater service than you truly being in tune with yourself- the one who has always been and always will be. It is from this place that you will be able to serve with a clear and clean mind and heart. It’s not from a place of perfection, its that you have come to a place of peace, acceptance and self-responsibility to then know where your feelings, ideas, and actions come from. You may not be responsible for what was passed down unknowingly, but you are responsible for the work it takes to free yourself of it and lay it rest forever more.

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