Life, Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Self-realization in Times Like These.

There is so much to say about #georgefloyd #breonnataylor #ahmaudarbery #waynereyes and what is happening all over the US in the past few months, years and... centuries to BIPOC.

We are on a mission to make wellness for everyone... and oh what an aim in times like these! Wellness is not just meditation, yoga, spirituality etc... however it does start with the foundation of being safe and free. We all were born with the right to exist, to build a life, to seek our truest and whole selves. The reality is that we live in a world where our birthright to be safe and free is taken away more times than anyone can count.

When we consider what we can do in the wellness community to make the world a better place for us all, let’s consider what we now understand more with#coronavirus. That YOUR health and wellbeing really does impact OUR health and wellbeing. The same goes for justice, peace and yes... wellness. Because your wellness... is our wellness. One man or woman’s injustice is injustice to us all. We are interlinked, no matter the illusion that we may fall into, we are responsible for the change we want to see. Because life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of self realization are at the intersection of the individual and the collective.

So, we must do the work on ourselves and remember that we each have a purpose and a calling to make this world one where we all can be truly well. We have an opportunity in this moment to answer the call... all hands on deck to make wellness (in all its forms) for everyone.

In times like these we need time to rest, to heal, to pause... when you are ready we ask that you make phone calls, send emails and share your voice to make change, do your research and take action. But also, work to reprogram your mind and heal yourself because we all need that to keep going, to keep showing up and answer the call to make this a world a place for all of us to be well, whole and safe.

Some ways to take action:

Go to and to follow the action steps there.

You can donate to the Minnesota Free Fund

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