May Energy Reading

Updated: May 29

We’re excited to announce our monthly energy reading by our founder Millana Snow. A monthly transmission guiding the month’s themes and tone for our offerings.

Interested in reflecting on how this transmission relates to you? Try the journal prompts below to dig into this theme yourself.

  1. What at this moment am I fighting and trying to get away from?

  2. Am I open to take a break from resistance and trying to create space to observe my stories and feelings around it?

  3. What am I feeling right now?

  4. What are my stories/beliefs about my experience and situation?

  5. Do these stories and beliefs serve me, even if they feel true?

  6. Where in my life can I step further into self sovereignty?

  7. What practices/inner work can I employ to make this my new normal?

  8. Where do I want to go/be/have/understand right now?

  9. Did I catch myself writing or thinking about what I don't want or what is not working while I envisioned what is possible?

  10. How can I become my dream right now? Today? This week? This month?

Some practices that we suggest.

  1. Spend time outside in nature to observe and attune to nature's rhythms.

  2. Practice playing the role of the person who already is your dream.

  3. Daily gratitude list for things you are actually thankful for.

  4. Daily journaling on the above selected prompts.

Let us know how this reading resonates with you throughout the month!


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